Sunday, December 24, 2006

... E o preço do Petróleo sobe, E o valor do Dólar desce
Nota: Os produtores de Petróleo evitam cada vez mais o Dólar fraco, os exemplos recentes vêm do Irão e da Venezuela. Abaixo três notícias que o confirmam.

Irã substituirá dólar por euro em transações

O governo do Irã anunciou nesta segunda-feira (18/12),
em Teerã, que utilizará o euro no lugar do dólar em
transações internacionais.

O porta-voz Gholam Husein Elham anunciou a medida
nesta segunda-feira em uma coletiva de imprensa
realizada em Teerã para explicar os planos do país
para 2007.

De acordo com o porta-voz, o governo deve utilizar a
moeda européia como base de cálculo para as transações
realizadas a partir do próximo dia 21 de março.

Segundo Elham, o governo "deu ordens ao Banco Central
para converter os bens do Estado no exterior em

Da redação, com agências
Fonte: Diário Vermelho


Venezuela, Oil Producers Buy Euro as Dollar, Oil Fall (Bloomberg, Mon 18 Dec)

Various commentators have suggested a move from the US
dollar to the Euro for oil sales will be bad news for
the US economy. More oil exporting countries seem to
be headed in that direction:

Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez is directing a growing
share of the country's oil profits into euros as the
dollar and crude prices fall.

The dollar, down 9.5 percent against the euro this
year, may face more pressure in 2007 because Venezuela
and oil producers from the United Arab Emirates to
Indonesia plan to funnel more money into the single
European currency.

... Banco Central de Venezuela has slashed the
percentage of its $35.9 billion worth of reserves
invested in dollars and gold to 80 percent from 95
percent a year ago, said Maza Zavala. The country, the
world's fifth-largest oil supplier, has boosted its
euro holdings to 15 percent, from less than 5 percent
in the same period.

... Bank Indonesia is boosting euro holdings, said
Senior Deputy Governor Miranda S Goeltom in a Dec. 13
interview in Jakarta. Indonesia has $39.9 billion in
reserves. Sultan Bin Nasser al- Suwaidi, the governor
of the Central Bank of the UAE, last month said he was
considering when to shift as much as 8 percent of the
nation's $24.9 billion in reserves into euros.


7/ Venezuela mulls euro oil switch (BBC News, Fri 22 Dec)

Venezuela has expressed interest in an Iranian move to ask buyers to pay for oil in euros rather than US dollars. The oil-rich nation said it planned to see if a similar scheme could be introduced to its crude exports.

Iran, the world's fourth-biggest oil producer, has already asked customers to pay for its oil in euros because of the current weakness of the dollar. Although the dollar is the currency in which oil is usually traded, it has been falling in value against the euro. The US currency tumbled to 20-month lows against the single European currency earlier this month.

Iran still prices its oil in dollars, but currently receives payment for 57% of its crude exports in euros, according to the National Iranian Oil Company. Venezuela's energy minister Rafael Ramirez described the Iranian scheme as "very interesting". Venezuela and Iran , which have strained political relations with Washington , are both members of oil producers' cartel Opec.

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Canção de Natal Fria: Ventos Recessivos para a Economia dos Estados Unidos

Avery Shenfeld pertence ao Banco Canadiano CIBC (Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce).

American Pie
by Avery Shenfeld, Senior Economist

A long, long time ago…
I can still remember, how the data used to make us smile
And I knew that if they had the chance
That stores could make the shoppers dance
And, maybe, they’d be happy for a while.

But housing prices made them shiver
With no more tax cuts to deliver
Bad news on the wealth front
It couldn’t be much more blunt

I can’t remember if I tried
To have my VISA charred and fried
But something hit me deep inside
The day, the house boom died.

So buy, buy, the consumer won’t buy
Leaving Chevys at the levee
And Ford sales running dry
And Wall Street boys were drinking Perrier and rye
Singing this will be the day that I die
This will be the day that I die.

Now for tens of years we were under Al
As Greenspan ruled like the market’s pal
And that’s just how it used to be
When the Fed rates eased we could live like kings
With debts borrowed under sub-prime schemes
With no fear that came from you and me

But as big Al was looking down
Ben Bernanke stole his storied crown
The Fed meet was adjourned
No rate cuts were returned
And when shoppers left with an empty cart
The job gains fell off of the chart
And the dollar sank into the dark
The day, the house boom died

We were singing
Buy, buy the consumer won’t buy
Leaving Chevys at the levee
And Ford sales running dry
And Wall Street boys were drinking Perrier and rye
Singing this will be the day that I die
This will be the day that I die.

Helter, skelter in the summer swelter
The bond market rallied like a market shelter
Long yields low and falling fast
So come on Ben Bernanke, Ben be quick
Get off of that inflation shtick
‘Cause rate cuts are the market’s only friend

But as we watched him on the stage
Our debt loads running off the page
No rate cut but a bunch
Could break that credit crunch
And as the pains climbed into the night
We sacrificed our consumer right
I saw bond bulls laughing with delight
The day, the house boom died.

They were singing
Buy, buy the consumer won’t buy, etc

A real estate salesman sang the blues
And asked me for some happy news
But housing buyers turned away.
And the three men I admire most
Soros, Gates, and the Wal-Mart host
They dumped their houses on the coast
The day, the house boom died.

They were singing buy, buy… etc.
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