Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A associação Soil lança campanha de alerta para o pico do petróleo e pela re-localização

A associação inglesa "Soil" dedicada à agricultura orgânica lançou uma campanha para divulgar a ameaça do "pico do petróleo" e propor como solução a dinamização da agricultura orgânica local. Aqui fica o manifesto desta ambiciosa iniciativa:

Peak Oil: the threat to our food security

Peak Oil refers to the point when the maximum amount of oil that can be extracted globally is reached. Thereafter, production will tail off as remaining reserves become more difficult and more expensive to harvest. Many of the services that we currently take for granted - cheap flights, cheap imports and global distribution of food - will be radically curtailed.

The Soil Association is looking ahead and preparing for a post peak oil world as an organisational priority. Our aim is to create a new, localised food culture that will deliver long-term quality of life in place of the old dynamic of unrestrained globalisation and short-termist exploitation.

We need your support to carry out this crucially important work. We are aiming to raise £100,000 from our members and supporters to fund the development phase of our new 'Food and Farming - Post Peak Oil' initiative.

» What is peak oil?
» What does the Soil Association aim to do?
» How you can help

Associação Soil


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